Making A Difference is what the acronym stands for and is the ethos behind our business.

Our aim is to provide consumers with a unique purchasing opportunity: quality products that are both socially responsible and charitable.

For every product you purchase, MAD pledges a given portion of the proceeds to an incredible cause.


There are no corners cut in the creation of our products. Our fabrics are sourced mainly in the UK or alternatively in Europe and carefully selected for their superior quality.

We are fully committed to our cause but also in producing our products responsibly. We have therefore chosen to complete production within the UK to ensure that all parties are treated according to high labour standards. We can confidently guarantee no child involvement or exploitation to any party throughout the supply chain so our conscientious consumers can wear their gorgeous purchase with pride and confidence!

We are a brand new company and don't want to make any mistakes or offer substandard goods so please bear with us as we increase our products range for you.


Your contribution will be used to help Starlight. Starlight is an amazing charity that grants wishes and provides entertainment for children that are seriously and terminally ill across the UK. Its aim is to provide children with a distraction from the pain, fear and isolation that they can often feel as a result of their illnesses. We will introduce you to each child you help and let you know the wish you have granted.

To read more about their incredible work, please visit, Our Benefactors.

Your involvement is paramount and we thank you for supporting us to achieve our mission of 'making a difference' to as many children as possible. We will keep you updated every step of the way so please check in on our blog to find out the latest. You can also sign up to our newsletter for bi-annual updates on our achievements and plans.

We are very proud to say that we are MAD! Please join us, working together really can result, in us Making A Difference.